Vouch has been voted one of Insider's Most Exciting Companies 2021 - Vouch

Vouch has been voted one of Insider’s Most Exciting Companies 2021

January’s issue of Yorkshire Business Insider Magazine lists the Top 50 Most Exciting Companies. These are innovative businesses with disruptive products or services and are certainly ones to watch.

The companies chosen were only founded in the last seven years and might not be even reporting a profit yet.

To have made the Top 50 has sent a wave of excitement through Vouch HQ;

It’s a great feeling to have been recognised as one of Yorkshire’s most exciting companies for 2021. Having worked as letting agents before starting Vouch, we wanted to create a product that would shake up the industry and completely change the referencing process.

We have always thought what we are offering is pretty exciting in terms of making the most of new technology developments, so it is amazing to see that others agree!

We look forward to keeping the excitement coming with what we have planned for 2021.”

Jaime TILLYER, Director, vouch

You can see the full Top 50 list in January’s edition of Yorkshire Business Insider Magazine

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