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Agent FAQ

Adding a new applicant 

To add a new application, simply click the ‘New Application’ button at the top of the page & provide the property & tenant(s) information.

Once all the information has been entered, click ‘Start application’ and the reference requests will be sent out automatically.

If you need to add an additional tenant to an already existing application, follow these steps;

  1. Add the tenant as normal using the ‘New Application’ button
  2. Once added, email with the VCH Reference number for each of the tenants
  3. Vouch will then merge these into on application
  4. Once merged the rent share can be adjusted accordingly

Adding/removing a Guarantor

You can add or remove the requirement for a guarantor at any time.

Simply click on the tenant’s name you want to add/remove a guarantor for and click on the ‘add guarantor’ icon in the top teal section.

If you are adding a guarantor, your tenant will be contacted to provide contact information for their guarantor so a reference request can be sent to them.

Editing tenancy information

You can edit the tenancy information at any point, including;

  • Rent/deposit amount
  • Tenancy length
  • Move-in date
  • Rent Share

Click on the property address to bring up the information, and make the required changes.

Once finished, click on ‘Update’ at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

Resending a reference request

To resend a reference request, click on the tenant’s name to bring up their application.

If you are resending it to the tenant, click on the envelope icon in the top teal section.

If you are resending it to a landlord/employer, navigate to that section of the application and click on the envelope icon in the grey section next to the section title.

To resend to a guarantor, click on the guarantor’s name to bring up their application. Click on the envelope icon in the top teal section to resent the request.

Reminders are sent to all involved for 7 days after receiving the information. If completed before then, reminder notifications will be stopped.

Tenant/Referee hasn’t received an email/text to complete their reference

If your tenant/referee hasn’t received a text or email with a link to complete their reference, here are a few things you can try;

  1. Check that the email address and/or phone number is correct
  2. Ask the tenant/referee to check their junk or spam folders
  3. Click the ‘resend reference’ button on the application to resend the reference request

If none of the above resolves your issue, you can either complete the reference manually, over the phone with the tenant/referee or contact support.

Downloading a report

You can download a tenant reference report at any time during the referencing process, however we would recommend waiting until the application is 100% complete as some information may change.

Simply click on the applicant’s name, and click the navy ‘Download Report’ button in the top teal section. The report will then be emailed to you.

Adding a move-out

You can add a move out for a property at any time.

Simply click the ‘Send Move Out’ button at the top of the page and provide the asked for information.

Once a move out has been completed, the truck next to the application will turn from red to teal.

If you need more help with this, you can attend one of our twice a week training sessions – book here.

Request Company Credit Report

To request a company credit report, navigate to the 3 white dots in the top right corner.

Click into ‘Useful Resources’ and select ‘Order company credit report’.

You will be asked to provide the company name, registration number and the email address you need the report to be sent. 

A Company Credit check will duct 4 credits from your account.

Once Vouch has completed the report, a copy will be emailed to the provided email address.

Claiming your commission

To claim your commission, navigate to the 3 white dots in the top right corner.

Click into ‘Income Generation’ & under ‘Payouts’ you will see a button to view/claim your earnings.

When you click on this, you will be shown the amount of commission you have generated, broken down into pending and payable. 

The payable amount is the amount that will be transferred to your account if you click ‘Claim’.

All amounts shown are inclusive of VAT and IPT where appropriate.

You can view your previous payments by clicking on ‘Previous Payments’ at the bottom of the box.

Commissions can be claimed once a month and are aimed to be paid by the end of the following month.

If you need any more help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


0330 333 7272